Game Two: Beyond Thunderdome

A couple thoughts since I've finally taken the gun out of my mouth...

-Miguel Cabrera is awesome.

-Max Scherzer needed to have a huge game. And Mad Max pitched beyond all expectations.

-Magglio went 3-3. Remember when ALL OF YOU JERKS wanted him cut? Eat a lit cherry bomb.

-Don Kelly almost ruined everything. Really Don? An RBI single in the 9th to put us up by 4? What's wrong with you?!? Valverde is awful in non-save situations! Think next time! This is why we cannot be friends.

-Papa Grande's "Ghost of Todd Jones" act was the most stressful 20 minutes of my life since I last saw police sirens...not a good feeling.

-Verlander must be amazing tomorrow since Benoit and Valverde are gassed. Now's the time to show if he's worth all this MVP talk.

-And I'll be there. Wearing the ratty black hoodie I wore to the Magglio '06 homer game. Because I'm weird like that.

Keep the faith, kids. Despite what TBS/TNT thinks, the Yankees aren't the only f'n show in town.