Game Three: Must See JV...Live

Well, I'm home. Safe and sound from Game 3 in the D. And it was quite simply, amazing. I have to work in a few hours, so just a couple notes...

-The crowd was electric all night. When Verlander struggled in the first, the place was so quiet that you could hear a mouse fart. But once things got rolling again, it was unbelievable to be in the middle of it the rest of the game. The MVP chants for JV and Miguel Cabrera were deafening in person...I hope they came through on television.

-JV, luckily, got his blowup inning out of the way early and was a machine the rest of the way. Striking out the side in the 5th on 10 pitches was beyond effing sweet.

-One of the biggest cheers of the night was one that those of you watching at home sadly missed. Kenny Rogers threw out the first pitch to thunderous applause and looked good doing it. Better than Brad Penny, at least.

-Unlikely heroes were made in Brandon Inge and Ramon Santiago. That's what the playoffs are all about. Just ask that little runt David Eckstein about 2006. And as much as I've ragged on Inge over the years, I admit to have been cheering my ass off for him tonight. Ask Jen from Old English D...she was happy to mock me over it. Sorry...I was happy for the special little guy.

-Delmon Young made Dave Dombrowski look like a genius and/or Minnesota look stupid tonight. His go-ahead homer landed just a few rows away from our seats tonight. I may have messed my pants at that point.

-Nice bunt, Don Kelly. You still suck.

-I no longer hate Nick Swisher with a passion. No matter how tense the situation tonight, he still kept up a banter and goofed with the Tiger crowd in right field all night. He's either cool as hell under pressure or just a gigantic clown. But he made me laugh tonight quite a few times. My former hatred for Swish now goes to Brett Gardner. Congrats, Brett!

-I'm worried about V-Mart. Dude's in pain and just doesn't look like himself out there.

-Jose Valverde...still perfect. And a lovable goof as long as he's on your team.

-Had a few Yankee fans around me in the bleachers. Most were quiet and polite. But there was one obnoxious prick in a Cano shirt that was annoying all night. I'll never forget the look on his stupid face when Jeter K'd to end the game. It was glorious. Entitled jackass. And for any Yank fans that are trolling here, I bid you welcome. Suck my balls.

I can't tell you how amazing it is to be there in person for a playoff win. I hope it's something that all of you get to be a part of at some point. It's the best feeling in the world. Tonight was an unforgettable night for me and I can't thank my friend Jen enough for securing me a ticket and putting up with my nonsense throughout the game. Thanks for keeping me from rushing the field when Leyland put Kelly in for Maggs so early in the game.

1 more to go, kids.

Then 8 more for nirvana.