Game Five: By The Numbers

I don't know about you all...but I love everything right now. Dancing on the Yankee lawn...if there's anything better, let me know. Hopefuly with eight more wins, we will find something better.

Here's a look at Game Five by the numbers.

5:  Badass innings pitched by Doug Fister.  The box score doesn't pop out at you, but Fister kept the Yankee hitters off balance long enough to get to the pen to close it out.

2:  Innings by Ivan Nova before leaving the game with a strained vagina.

2:  First inning homers by the Tigers.  One by Delmon Young, his third of the series, and one by some other guy I can't remember.

1:  One apology for Don Kelly for crapping on him all the time.  Awesome job lifting it 250 feet into the right field Yankee stands, Donnie. I would like to take credit for motivating you with my constant reminders of how terrible you are. You're welcome, Tiger fans.

23:  Total texts and tweets I received mocking me after Kelly's homer. I'll take it.

3:  Strikeouts in the game by Kelly.  Yeah he came through in the first.  But he still shouldn't have been hitting second.  Bite me.

1:  Hit by Victor Martinez.  But it drove in the game winner and was just another in a long line by the greatest free agent signing the Tigers have made in forever. came down to him or Adam Dunn. I think DD made the right choice.

7:  Number of minor strokes and heart attacks I had during this game.

.455:  Batting average in the ALDS for Magglio Ordonez, a man who considered retirement earlier in the year and a man who several Tiger fans wanted released this year. Don't bench him again, Jim.

.111:  Average for A-Rod in the ALDS. Hahahahahahahahaha...

8:  Number of idiots dancing like morons after strike three on A-Rod at the party where I was watching the game. Hopefully, none of it ends up on YouTube.

Not Sure:  Number of beers consumed tonight. Sorry for any typos.

1:  Number of tumors on Joaquin Benoit's face.
"It's not a tumor!"

1.2:  Huge innings pitched by Benoit tonight. Sure, he walked in a run. But he got the job done.

3:  Up and 3 down for Jose Valverde in the 9th. Dance,

$9 million:  Option for Valverde that had BETTER be picked up in the offseason.

Millions:  Of tears shed by Yankee fans tonight. I wish I could taste them all. Jerks.

8:  Wins to go for your Tigers to be World Champions.

Enjoy this one, kids. We start all over on Saturday. Bring on the Rangers.