Down 3-1, Is There Hope?

No jokes tonight, kids. No silliness. Just...yeah.

This one was hard to swallow. Lamont will take blame for sending Cabrera. (He made the right call.) Leyland will take heat for walking Beltre. (I would have pitched to him.) Porcello will take heat for repeating his pickoff mistake of Game 163. (Moron.) But finding a scapegoat doesn't change a damn thing. The Tigers are out of mulligans and must win the next three, the final two in Texas, if they're to make the World Series.

They're injured. The pen is gassed. They're facing a team that is much more talented than they are. But they've amazed us before and still might have some fight left. Verlander goes tomorrow at home. You know he'll be amped. Scherzer has been great in the postseason. He can do so again in Game Six. And if it gets to a Game Seven? There's no one I would rather see on the mound than Doug Fister right now.

If only they could score some f'n runs.

Do or die, Game Five is tomorrow. I'll be there, Section 116, Row 35. Waving my stupid white towel. But not a white flag.

Yeah, I still have hope. Whatever. See you on the other side.