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"Many people who have either a minor stroke or the so-called mini-stroke are neither aware of it nor seek medical treatment. Minor stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA) occurs when a blood clot temporarily clogs an artery and blocks blood flow to the brain.

A minor stroke can cause symptoms that include unexpected trouble speaking, as well as vertigo, balance problems, and temporary weakness or numbness of an arm or leg. Although minor strokes do not typically cause permanent brain damage, early treatment of these conditions reduces the risk of a more serious stroke".

The above was found on the internet !!

I posted the foregoing statements because a couple of weeks ago while I was staying with my 'wee' sister for a couple of days and I had, what her doctor seems to think had a dizzy turn and fainted " - It had frightened the living daylights out of me. That morning Lorraine had taken me to see her doctor who after doing some tests seemed to think I had vertigo - which is bad enough - but when I got home and had nearly finished the week's course of pills I contacted my doctor... as In the pill box there had been a letter saying that when you were coming to the end of the tablets it was required that you go back to your doctor so that he could check you over ...... it was not recommended that you just stop the pills if you felt better.

So last week I visited the doctor, only to be told after several tries to get my blood pressure that it was exceptionally high and that it seemed that the problem was not simply vertigo... When the doctor was finished with her tests she then took me out to the reception area where I was shown to a seat and told to wait for 30 minutes and if I was feeling a bit better I was then to go home. A prescription in my pocket to another 2 weeks of pills and with the proviso that was to make an appointment for 2 weeks and that if I felt dizzy again I was to contact her or the hospital right away. In the meantime, I await a date for an MRI scan and my 2 weeks appointment with my doctor is on Thursday .

I knew I could be a dizzy and ditzy female at times but Flaming Nora !! you never know the minute eh ??

The weird thing was that when I walked into the doctor's office I had been feeling OK not worrying about anything in particular and assuming that she would just be telling me to take it easy for a while and my 'vertigo' would ease off in time hehehehe... .

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Changing gears a whean have a look at this video, I think it's hilarious ... I know it's not good to laugh at folk - but sometimes you can't help but laugh ...

Love and stuff, Kate xxx..