A Celebration, Empathy and a Flash-mob.


According to information given on my computer system Dashboard this is the 600 th post on this blog - WOW!! and I just started blogging thinking that it would give me something to keep my menopausal brain occupied ... well it certainly has done that right enough !

It is true that recently I have been cheating and adding and circulating emails received from my brother in law who has a certain number of friends some of whom live in the region of the new world ... Ahem ...... Australia actually! I would therefore send many thanks to him as there have been several occasions when my brain has gone numb and I've not been able to summon up any intelligent comments to type here for your delectation.

I would also like to thank the several blogfriends who continue to tell me that they still read my musings although they do not comment often . You know who you are! Oh and I would like at this time to single out one particular blogfriend who practically always leaves a billet doux, well, not really a billetdoux more a 'billet like ' if you know what I mean..

Thanks a lot to all who just read or who take the time to comment - Love Kate x.

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Now on with the rest of this momentous post - Enjoy !

This is the first of five you tube videos which becomes a 'GEM' of a moving documentary. It's about a boy's experience of a family bereavement and how it was brought out by the class home teacher and how this becomes a fantastic learning experience for all the class . As I already said I have only loaded the first of the five videos but if you have time to watch the others I'm sure you, like me will get a good grounding of how part of the school system operated in this school... Oh how I wish that all teachers were as understanding and knowledgeable .

This video is a sad one but shows with the help of a caring teacher the story of the death of a boy's grandfather brings about memories of another schoolgirls loss of her father when she was only 3 years old......

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One of the better 'Flash Mob' videos about on the internet - Enjoy !

Cheers to All , Kate xxx.