Tigers Acquire Delmon Young: The Good and Bad of the Deal

In case you live under a rock and haven't heard, the Tigers traded a A-Ball pitcher Cole Nelson and a player to be named later to Minnesota for outfielder Delmon Young. Here's the good and bad sides of the deal.

-Last year, Delmon hit .298 with 21 HR, 112 RBI.

-For his career, he's a .289 hitter.

-He's only 25 years old.

-Austin Jackson is now not the only black guy on the team.

-The team didn't sell its soul for a chance at a division title by releasing Magglio Ordonez to make room for him. In fact...

-Adios, Tinkerbell! Will Rhymes sent back to Triple-A where he belongs.

-More RYNO at second! (I may be alone here...)

-Magglio FINALLY moved down to #7 in the lineup.

-.344 lifetime hitter vs. the White Sox.

-Chance of DA MEAT HOOK sightings in Detroit go up considerably.

-Great arm in the outfield...something the Tigers have been lacking.

-Once threw his bat at a Triple-A umpire after being called out on strikes. With the amount of times the Tigers have been screwed by poor umpiring, we need a guy that doesn't take any crap.

-Has struggled this season due to injury.

-Never walks.

-Career batting average of .251 vs. Cleveland is his worst against any AL team.

-Another slow guy that blows on defense (other than his arm). In fact...

-Detroit's defense now worse than that of a wheelchair softball team's.
Overall, I'm quite happy with this deal. Unless they eventually cut Magglio. Then I'm going on an epic drinking binge...