Takin' a Couple Days Off (Updated)

Your Party Host needs a few days off. I've been writing at a pace here for the past month or so that was bound to catch up with me, and it has. I just need a little break. I'll be back to cracking bad jokes about Don Kelly and anyone that looks at me funny in a couple days, I imagine. I just need to recharge a bit.

As always, thanks a bunch for reading. I appreciate it.

Also, I see DD and JL got extensions. I'm happy for them, but I prefer them under pressure. Lets hope they keep it up...otherwise the trolls are going to be out with torches and pitchforks.

Love you long time. Seeya in a couple days.

UPDATE:  Tuesday evening, my computer died. I took it to two different places and they both told me it's pretty much shot. So, I'm left with the option of begging my bosses for a loan, turning tricks in the CoPa parking lots, or robbing a bank. I'll let you know which option I end up going with. In the meantime, the delay on new content may go on for a couple more days.

In that time, I suggest one of the following:  1) Read a good site for once. 2) Go outside, kiss a girl/boy for crissakes.  3) Send me $500 for being awesome.