Old wartime poems and The 'first Man' in space?

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I came across the following poems again recently which I had seen many many years ago, and which were written by my Grandmother's sister . They speak of peoples attitudes towards 'the enemy' which at the time was Germany and were written during some really difficult times she lived through during the second world war. The first one was addressed to the Americans ...

'Boys from America'.

Boys from America you came all the way
To fight for your country the US of A
and also to give our country a hand
The task isn't easy, we all understand.

For of law and religion, the Hun he knows not
What he learned of our Lord he quickly forgot.
When he blasted our churches and tore them apart
Revenge came the cry from everyone's heart

So we'll finish the job that the Devil's begun
No rest till we rid the Earth of the Hun
And his pup Mussolini and the jap rising sun
Will go down with their master when victory is won.

We knew friends that we could depend on you
We'll thrash him for what he has done to 'the few'
And when we have smashed him and beaten him well
We'll rest on our laurels and he'll roast in Hell...

This is another of her poems written during the same period.

'Our Boys'.

Scottish bards when you write your story
and tell of the 8ths fame and glory
Pause before you lift your pen
and think of all the Irishmen
Who, with your sons are in this war.
There's one cause they're all fighting for
And please remember the English too -
They're in this war as well as you.
There's also Taffy the lad from Wales
Don't leave him out of all your tales
Our Dominion boys have played their part.
So Scottish bards have a heart
When praising pipes and kilts and drums.
Don't throw the others just the crumbs.
Remember every man that's there
has done a noble, gallant share and one,
I pray you remember most -
the leader of this mighty host...
Montgomery, an Irishman -
no better ever lead a clan.
Montgomery's men are magnificent men.
They don't all hail frae the land o' the ben.
They're from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales -
Remember this, when you write your tales.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Joe Kittenger ! in 1960.


Love and Peace, Kate xxx.