The English Riots and a feel good story.

Hi There,

For the last few nights some real troublemakers, thieves and hooligans have been causing riots and damage in England to peoples houses. Shops have also been cleared of merchandise that many rogues can pass out to their friends or sell on to make money.

I don't understand Why the police couldn't have used a number of the water cannons ... the rioters would soon have returned home after they had had a good soaking and if dye had been used in the mixture being sprayed the folk doing damage could have been picked out without problems afterwards.

Why on earth do the powers that be put up with being held to ransom like this, millions of pounds of damage has been caused and if the rioter's original idea was to draw attention to problems they were experiencing as far as lack of jobs and training. they are wasting their time by causing so much damage. I'm not advocating the taking up of bullets and bombs but for God's sake surely the English voter can't let the rioters get away with doling out all this damage.

Another thing I find difficult to understand is the lack of 'action' by government - there is as far as I can see a lot of talking - well, after the first few days that is ... Could it be that this suits the powers that be to have this melee going on?? Is it possible that the English electorate perhaps might be asking more relevant questions as to what in the hell the MP's are doing to run the country? It's all very well for the grey suits to sympathise with the English electorate about how the rioters causing havoc are causing so many problems - but then what ???

It's surely past the time when some men with 'MP' after their names to come out of their castles, roll up their sleeves and get down to 'sorting out' the continuing mess the rioters have been getting away with rather than the usual blamegames, showboating and handwringing that has been going on so far.

OK folks, lecture over, I hope that order will be restored soon for the long-suffering citizens down south.

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Now how's this for a ' feel good ' story with a great ending...

If you do good things - good things happen to you !
Good for you Ian McMillan ... What a generous and caring wee boy !

Cheers, Kate xxx.