Quick Hit: Comedy at the Freep

I love trade gossip as much as anyone, so when I opened the latest "Reader Column" at the freep on four pitchers the Tigers should try to acquire, I was hoping for something interesting.  Instead, I was subjected to this silly list.

1. Chris Capuano, because "he has what it takes to be good in the majors, having made the All-Star team in 2006".  That was five years ago.  Other All-Stars from 2006 include Mark Loretta, Paul Lo Duca, Jose Contreras, Scott Kazmir, Kenny Rogers, BJ Ryan, and Derrick Turnbow.  C'mon...you've gotta have something better than that.

2. Rich Harden, the only MLB player hurt more than Carlos Guillen.

3.  Shaun Marcum, the #2 or #3 starter of the contending Brewers who just acquired K-Rod from the Mets today.  Pretty sure the Brewers aren't selling right now, fella.

4.  David Price.  Yes, the 25 year old star ace of the Rays.  I'm sure they'll be willing to give him up for Raburn, Strieby, and Crosby.

Freep, please get serious or just shut down.  Who decided this was worth adding to the page today?  On the bright side, Jamie Samuelsen's latest isn't a bad read.  Seriously.

Part two of the mid-season report later tonight.  Seeya.