Plaster problems etc...

Well Folks,

What a week - Rob has been his usual cheerful and full of the joys self and has wakened each morning full of fun, laughter and mellow fruitfulness ( let me go off on a tangent here people I'm trying to cheer myself up). I just thought that word would express some ' joie de vivre'. By way of explanation he has been like a 'man possessed' moaning and complaining from morning till night..... not in pain you understand, just mostly from MBT (Men's Bad Temper).

He had said since he had fallen that his wrist was not really very painful - the thing that annoyed him was that he couldn't just up and go when he wanted ... I assumed that it would have been very painful - but not according to Rob - weird I know ?? But anyway, this morning I noticed that the bruising above where the plaster had been put had got worse looking and since the nurse who had put the plaster on had said to me that he should return 'right away' if the skin at either end of the plaster (finger or elbow) became blue or grey tinged (bruised). After a couple of hours of persuasion Rob had been talked into returning to the hospital casualty .

What happened ? well we waited nearly three hours before he was seen by a doctor who made several complementary comments to the effect that the plaster which had been put on had been put on really well. In fact the doctor went on to say that whoever had done it had made a really great job ! Huh ??? Rob was then promptly evacuated from the accident department arrghhh!! I by this time was ready for killing someone ! The fact that we had only followed the nurses instructions to return if any discolouration had happened seemed not to matter.

It is now 10.30 at night and I have sort of calmed down, Rob has made a decision that the plaster has been put on too near his elbow (Dr. Rob rules) It annoys him when he ate his meals and it rubs the upper part of his arm - soooooo... 'what has he done now' ?? Well people he has, with the use of scissors and a small saw cut it down from his elbow by a couple of inches.

Heaven preserve us from 'know it all' men arrrghhh! Is it any wonder I am going doolally?? He has to return to the hospital in three weeks, I wonder how he's going to explain how the plaster is shorter than it was - shrinkage, or maybe an animal has chewed it off in the night ?? not that we have a problem with wee long tailed creatures you understand hehehe... Ahh laughter has not forsaken me after all.

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Take a wee while to watch this and relax and I will too !

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Love Kate xxx.