The Butcher Boy and Synchronicity

The 'Folksinging' and 'Mini' wearing days...

Hi There,

I'm a believer in coincidence and syncronicity and the following is a good example of it !

For the last few days I have been humming a certain song from my past (we're talking 40 years ago here folks) . The last two days a few notes of the tune kept playing in my head but everytime I tried to figure out the song all I could remember was a few words . So, I loaded them on to my PC and Googled it and sure as God made little apples the song came up on screen, so I checked out You Tube ...... result? As I was loading it via the embed button I noticed another you tube video on the right hand side of the screen which somehow looked kind of familiar...

The song that had been driving me crazy ?? 'The Butcher Boy'- It's an old folk song which in the past I had sung at family get-togethers . The last time being over 40 years ago when we had visitors from Ireland ...... I used to love the melody and yes, I know it is very soulful and sad but that's the kind of the songs 'we Celts' love to sing at get-togethers. ( my Mum used to sing 'My Yiddishe Mama' Yeah, go figure) .

Anyway, here comes the coincidence, Rob is and has been a member of an organisation which has ties to Northern Ireland (his family way back came from there) and a few months ago he came home with an old photograph which showed him 40 odd years ago with his friends.

Right, now back to the subject in hand - 'Synchronicity' ...... after I had listened to the 'Butcher Boy' I checked out the other (familiar) You Tube and during the first 6 seconds of the new video I recognised the 'same' photo in the video of Rob and his mates which someone had set on the video... weird or not - What's the chances eh ??

Cheers Kate xxx.