Who wants to fly through the air? / and WHY???

Hi There,

This shows a reboot of the traffic going through Europe after a halt for the Icelandic volcano eruptions - Blimey! it gives me the shivers ...... how about you ??

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Another nightmarish happening coming up in this video ... This guy wears a flying suit really! OMG imagine doing this .... It would give me the heebie-jeebies ! I have mentioned that Norwegians are a fearless race of people (think this proves it).

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I showed up at a restaurant and how my panic grew!
I had a date with someone, but couldn't remember WHO

I came into my living room and stood frozen to the spot,
I'd come there for some reason, but I couldn't tell you WHAT.

I lost my theatre tickets, that happens now and then.
They asked which day we're going I couldn't tell them WHEN.

I laid aside my glasses - they vanished into thin air.
I'm sure they're with the others, but I am clueless WHERE.

I'm frazzled by these questions, by all they may imply,
Forget about WHO WHAT WHEN or WHERE,

The question now is WHY?

Cheers, Kate xxx.