Twitter? Damn near killed her. Sigh.

I have caved into pressure and opened a Twitter account for DesigNate Robertson.  If you feel the need to mock me for this, I understand.  I just stared in the mirror for five minutes before spitting in my face.

Now, I'm just a caveman.  Your "Twitters" and whatnot frighten me.  But yeah, I'm there if you're interested.  I'll update enough to keep it interesting, I hope.  If I do it, I may as well have fun with it.  Granted, my brand of fun usually leads to hate mail and/or charges being pressed. 

I'll also update whenever there's a new silly post for all to read.  That would only make sense.  And I'm already apparently following Casper Wells.  But not Will Rhymes.  I'm no hypocrite.

Follow DNR on Twitter @DNR_Rogo.  Or just click here maybe.  As if you don't get enough bad Don Kelly jokes on here...