Tiger Product Endorsements, Part I.

I recently took my kid to the local movie rental place to get him a video game for the night. When I was there, I saw a big advertising piece for some baseball game and it had Justin Verlander on it. It’s not the one pictured above, but this was the only thing I could find online in the ten seconds I spent searching. But the point is, it got me thinking about how little I see the Tigers in national advertising.

I mean, in Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander, we have (at the very least) a top three talent as far as both a position player and a pitcher go. You’d think there’d be marketing opportunities out there on a national level for guys of their stature. Does it really hurt them that much that they aren’t members of the Yankees or Red Sox? The last Tiger I can remember doing national ads was Kirk Gibson for Right Guard back in the day. And I think he had to become a Dodger to get that.

I’m sure many of our guys have small deals with batting or fielding glove manufacturers. Probably some minor shoe deals, too. But I’m talking about the big picture. In 2008, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo signed a five year, $10 million endorsement deal with Starter. Starter? Really? I haven’t seen anyone wear Starter gear since 1995. Tiger Woods makes approximately a gazillion dollars from Nike every TEN MINUTES! Our guys need to get in on the action, I’m thinking.

That’s why I’m going to do my best to analyze the market and figure out what our guys could and should be endorsing for cash. This is the first installment of this and I’ll try to come up with two of them each time.

Invented way back in 1898 and then called “Brad’s Drink” (Gee, why didn’t that last?), Pepsi-Cola was first given to the world for real in 1903. The inventor sought to create a fountain drink that was delicious and would aid in digestion and boost energy. All it does is give me heartburn, but whatever. Everyone has had a Pepsi at one point or another and past celebrities with Pepsi deals include Jeff Gordon, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and others.

And which Tiger would be PERFECT to get the nation excited about drinking Pepsi once again?
PHIL COKE: Hey, everybody. I’m Phil Coke of the Detroit Tigers. People think I’m a nutjob. And you know what, sometimes I am. But that’s when I reach for a nice, refreshing Pepsi-Cola! Nothing mellows out The Cokester like an ice-cold glass of my favorite drink, Pepsi! When you think of Coke, I want you to think of Pepsi! That’s right! Coke loves Pepsi…you heard it here first! Every Pepsi refreshes the world and along with that, every Pepsi I drink refreshes the Coke.

/kisses can of Pepsi

COKE: Yup. There’s nothing Coke loves MORE than Pepsi

Detroit Medical Center
The Detroit Medical Center is as an award winning medical center and is the official healthcare services provider for the Detroit Tigers, Red Wings, and Pistons. The DMC was organized in 1985 as a union among several hospitals: Harper University Hospital, Grace Hospital, Hutzel Women's Hospital, and Children's Hospital of Michigan. Now, people go to the hospital all the time. Many people travel hundreds or thousands of miles to attend famous specialists and hospitals. Who on the Tigers could make more of them choose the DMC to aid them in their medical needs?
CARLOS GUILLEN: Hola, mi amigos. I am Carlos Guillen of the Detroit Tigers baseball team. Baseball is a rough sport. But you don’t have to play sports to get sick or hurt. And every three days or so when I need my elbow, back, knees, wrist, and neck completely rebuilt, I go to the Detroit Medical Center. Their friendly staff and highly-educated physicians keep rebuilding me like I’m some sort of robot. It’s not their fault that if I get tickled with a feather, I rupture half of my organs. But they are the best of the best when it comes to repairing them. And don’t just take it from me. Here’s another satisfied customer.

/does “come here” motion with finger…it snaps
JOEL ZUMAYA: Hey, everyone. Carlos is right. I'm Joel Zumaya, also of the Detroit Tigers. Whether your injuries come from playing video games, helping your dad move, or just moving around in general, there’s no one like the DMC to get you back to normal. Just last year, my shoulder exploded. And in seven or eight years, I might be able to move my arm again. I love it here at the DMC so much that I return every year, just because I miss them so much. So if you’re sick, hurt, or just want a hernia exam with some extra love, come to the Detroit Medical Center.

BOTH: It’ll change your life!

/they high-five…both breaking their arms

I should be an agent...