Rob in cartoon form / An Old soppy song.


Hi There,

While having a catchup with some blog sites the other day I paid an overdue visit to an old blog friend Sylvia Kirkwood who has a fantastic blog called 'Sylvia from over the Hill' ...... now when I say 'old friend' I don't mean to make comment about age... but more to explain that she is one of the bloggers who I chose to follow when I was a new convert to the blogosphere.

When I saw the cartoon I was struck by the character's resemblance to my other half hehehe... I think it shows Rob's happy and crinkly smile in his eyes ! Thanks Sylvia, I'll put it to good use when his birthday approaches and I'm looking for an illustration for the front of his birthday card. I wonder if he'll recognize himself in the image ?

Because I had mentioned Rob's eyes an old song kept playing in my head so finally I googled it ... success! - It's an ' oldie ' which was recorded by George Benson long long ago called ' In Your Eyes ' .

Sooooooo... I hope you enjoy it !

Cheers, Kate xxx.