Angel and Devil on my shoulder and The Power of words !

Hi There,

This wee video appealed to me today ... you see, I have a problem! Yeah! I know, hehehe I probably have more than one ! But anyway, the one I'm going to talk about today is this - I find it nearly impossible to 'walk by' a beggar without giving him something without feeling really guilty ...

Today for instance Rob and I were in town collecting my new prescription spectacles (my cataracts have taken a growing spurt) anyway, I ' had' to drop money in a beggar's cup or tin, if I didn't it would really bother me! After all, a pound isn't much these days ..... and it 'might' help him afford to buy something to eat. Then of course the feelings of ' why give him money, he'll only spend it on alcohol or drugs' begin to surface !! Know what I mean? On occasion I have been tempted to take them to the nearest cafe ... though I haven't got the gumption to quite manage that.

How do other folk cope with this increasingly common occurrence ??

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The Power of Words ...

Cheers, Kate xxx.