A song from 'Chess' sung beautifully !

Well folks, we're back home after our sojourn into the land of the 'auld enemy' and had a restful and enjoyable holiday . On our way home at the weekend we stayed a couple of nights in a wee hotel in Dumfries which enable me to catch up with my 'wee' sister ... After packing our cases ready for the return homeward journey I was relaxing and watching Britain's got Talent on TV ... I must admit that it is not a programme I usually tune into - but anyway while watching a young man called Jai McDowell came on - what a voice... and what a song he sung too, it hit home to me being a soppy soul who, when it finished felt like cheering with the audience ...... I couldn't help but be moved by both his voice and the words.

Jai McDowall - Britain's Got Talent 2011 audition - itv.com/talent - UK Version

Britain's Got Talent: 24-year-old support worker Jai McDowall ( he hails from Ayrshire in Scotland by the way ) and was appearing in the show to realise a dream of singing for big audiences, his nerves are something that might let him down but anyway, legs shaking and sweaty palms aside - Jai took to the stage to impress the 'Britain's Got Talent' judges and audience. Despite loving his rewarding work - singing is his passion and hopes that this will be a start to a brand new career and an amazing new life. Will his nerves get the better of him or will the judges see potential in his incredible voice? See more at http://itv.com/talent

Words of 'Anthem' in the Musical called 'Chess'.

No man, no madness--
Though their sad
Power may prevail--
Can possess, conquer,
My country's heart.
They rise to fail.
She is eternal--
Long before
Nations' lines were drawn.
When no flags flew,
When no armies stood--
My land was born.

And you ask me
Why I love her
Through wars,
Death and despair--
She is the constant,
We who don't care.
And you wonder
Will I leave her--
But how?
I cross over borders,
But I'm still there now.

How could I leave her?
Where would I start?
Let man's petty nations
Tear themselves apart.
My land's only borders
Lie around my heart.

What a song ! and what a voice ... methinks this season's winner of the programme has been found .

Love and Peace, Kate xxx.