Moving Violations

Hey, kids.  Here's a quick update on things around here.

I have moved into the Bermuda Triangle of Toledo, OH.  My internet service was supposed to be turned on sometime on Thursday.  Come Saturday, I still had nothing.  I called AT&T and they are sending someone out to look at things today, Monday, between 4-8pm.  Joy.  So I haven't been online.  I can only imagine the wit and wisdom in sports writing that I have missed.  I'm currently typing this up at work while no one is looking.

In addition, I have been without television.  Friday, I waited all day for DirecTV to come out.  Finally, they arrive and say they can't get a signal at my new place.  I was then subjected to multiple phone calls with DirecTV reps that seemed to speak English as a third language.  They have yet to refund the cash I paid up front for their service.  I tried to get AT&T U-Verse over the weekend, but they don't service my building despite a friend of mine two blocks away having it.  So, I'm going to have to go with Buckeye Cable who charges an absurd amount of money to watch and listen to things I need in my life, such as Rod Allen confusing his left from his right on a nightly basis.

So I haven't seen baseball in nearly a week.  And we're doing well.  Think there's a connection?  Whatever.  Point is, I'm working on things and will be back to coming up with new ways to call Don Kelly a worthless prick in no time.  Hang in I am attempting to do.

And as always, thanks for reading this silly stuff here.  Seacrest out...for now.