Vietnam and other wars...

Hi There,

I paid a visit to one of my blogging friends this morning and read a couple of her posts which were very interesting but which were also kind of confusing too... (I know I'm going to sound completely ignorant of how the world of politics works here - but hey I can't help it I'm a woman and menopausal at that) Soooo, my next step was taking a look at Google .... where else could I find somewhere which could provide some sort of answer to the questions buzzing around in my brain !!

Next I Googled - 'What was the reason for the start of hostilities between USA and Vietnam' ..... Nowadays we have our fingers and everything else in Afghanistan and Iraq - God knows the real reason for the hostilities over there, the water has been muddied lots since that debacle started and who knows how long these war zones are going to last - I know that the troops are supposed to be returning but hey ho... somehow I can't quite swallow 'that' tidbit of news .

I couldn't believe the number of options given in Google - though to be honest the information was in some cases complicated, some just gobbledegook, and in others not very helpful at all ! I came away from Google feeling really more confused about the politics of the world than I was already.... It seems to me that politics is a scary, dirty and very uncomfortable business where, when it comes down to the nitty gritty there are lots of the ordinary soldiers still used as cannon fodder - just as they were in the days of the first world war and even long before that. Mind you they use better instruments to kill and maim soldiers these days. (God help them!)

As usual it's the poor soldier suffers most... and at the end of the war or conflict after coping while the men are away the women then have to pick up the pieces. These days even some of the women have been persuaded that they can enter the war zones too ... well, they've got to keep their numbers non sexually biased in these days of equality right ??

Why is it that some countries get involved in the politics of other countries - what the hell does it matter which God they worship or how they worship him? Or even what flippen party they owe allegiance to ... Why should one lot of people think that they know better than the others ?

Men it seems to me are 'still' small boys at heart, they hate it if someone else has something they want, or if anyone is different to them in some way, or in how they run their countries... Their only answer as far as they are concerned is to wallop those that are different into submission so that they can get what the other one has or to make him the same.

The other day Japan was torn apart by an earthquake of biblical proportions and then a Tsunami, many hundreds of these poor folk either dead, badly hurt or they have lost everything !

So what 'is' the answer? Why it's obvious, well to me 'lunatic-kate' at least, the world should be run by women ! That might seem a daft suggestion - though I have no doubts that women couldn't make a worse job of it than men have thus far.

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Dear God ...

Please help those in power end the fighting...
If they think that war is the answer,
Give them a kick up the whatsit and get them
to think again and again and please
protect those at the sore end !

Love and Peace 'please' Kate xxx.