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A couple of days ago I was nearly finished taking my medication and felt as though I was getting back to normal - but today I just feel like a wet dish cloth... tired sore and washed out. Roll on summer ! The first time I had shingles I was told that it was the grown up version of 'Chicken Pox' which had stemmed from 'The Pox' of history when people had rings of spots and sores and which became known as "The Great Plague in London" ...... the way I'm feeling right now I wouldn't be surprised. I'm so thankful though that I live in this century and therefore in the days of antibiotics etc.. I'd hate to have been living during the time when it was the plague.

"The Great Plague" (The Ring a Ring o' Roses).

Without a doubt the greatest tragedy to ever hit Europe, greater then any war where man went against man - this was the war where man fought an enemy that he did not see and did not understand.

Some people blamed it on their livestock, others believed that it was a "miasmas" of infected air that floated around…some said it was the wrath of an angry God against sin….they did not know. What had happened in fact, was that merchant men came from China, on the of board their ships were rats and those of course had fleas…these fleas were different though, these fleas had bacillus; it only takes four to eight bacillus to kill a rat; a flea can transmit up to 24,000 in one bite…the merchants arrived in Italy and the war began.

It is estimated that over one third of Europe’s population died in the 1300’s…so many people falling victim to their unseen enemy. Many years later in 1665 London had become a big and prosperous city, the population had tripled in the last five years; housing was cramped and there was no where to throw out trash and human waste, the only place to throw such things was the street, making the perfect living and breeding conditions for rats; rats that carries a lot of fleas that had the bacillus.

People started dying of the Plague and those who had the right kind of money fled the infested city and moved to the country where there was a much smaller chance of getting the disease. There was a nursery rhyme that described the symptoms and the beliefs of the people at the time….a rather sordid thing to teach your children actually.

"Ring-a-ring of roses,
A pocketful of posies’
Attischo, Attischo,
We all fall down."

The roses are describing the large red swelling of the lymph nodes and a rash often in circles sometimes on the face hands and other parts of the body. The posies refer to the fact that many people believed that there was a large cloud of miasmas, infected air that would make you sick if you breathed it in; the posies had a pleasant smell that was supposed to hold the infected air away. Before death, a person would experience a violent coughing fit after which death moved in to claim his victim. Many people were too weak to get to the coughing part and they would suffer a much quicker and more merciful death.

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This last item was sent to me in an email ... enjoy ! I wonder though what these girls do in the winter time ... I know it can be really chilly there !

Speed Bandits denmark
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Cheers from the land of the Tartan, Kate xxx.