Humans and Apes ... I wonder ?

Are they on the look-out for somewhere else ??

Hi There,

Have any of you seen this wee video ? and if so did it ring bells with you ? It certainly did with me ...... I remember a series of about four films which were seen in the cinema about 18 years ago called - Planet of the Apes and how we humans were the servants and slaves of the apes - oh errr.....

Blimey ! this 'Ambam' character looks just like a Glasgow 'smart-ass' guy strolling with a swagger down Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow town centre on a Saturday night ... while checking out for any available females in the near vicinity hehehehe !!!

OK ! so now they are 'walking' more like us...... can they count ???

Yep !! and what's more they can remember where the sequential numbers were too! OOopss... What's the odds that these creatures will be taking over the planet some time soon.

Methinks our scientists should concentrate real hard on tracking down a planet that can tolerate human life so that we can escape there ...... 'cos the way we humans have treated the speaking and non speaking animals of this planet we should be very worried about how they will run Earth when 'THEY' are in charge ......

Let's face it we haven't made such a great job of keeping the planet safe up to now !

Cheers from the land of the Tartan, Love Kate xxx.