2011 Bizarro Tigers By Age

In response to the last piece where I used baseball-reference.com to get the similar player for the 2011 roster, a reader suggested that I should use the similar player by age instead.

And to that I say:
Uh…okay. That might be cool.

I aim to please. Let’s see if this comes out better for us.

C-Gabby Harnett/Martinez
1B-Frank Robinson/Cabrera
2B-Todd Walker/Guillen (no change)
3B-Jose Hernandez/Inge
SS-Juan Uribe/Peralta
LF-Benny Agbayani/Raburn (no change)
CF-Ping Bodie/Jackson
RF-Chuck Klein/Ordonez

SP-Josh Beckett/Verlander
SP-Ed Halicki/Scherzer
SP-Virgil Cheeves/Porcello
SP-Rich Folkers/Coke
SP-Todd Stottlemyre/Penny
CP-Francisco Cordero/Valverde
RP-Jay Witasick/Benoit
RP-Mike Garman/Zumaya
RP-Bill Wakefield/Perry (no change)

Well, that’s a little better. Isn’t Ed Halicki an NFL ref? I’m kidding.

Oh well. None of this means anything. Spring is coming, kids…spring is coming.