P.T. Barnum Would Be Proud of Seattle

Another sucker has been born.

Our Hero has been signed to a minor league deal by the Seattle Mariners and received an invite to Spring Training.  Checking early reaction from Mariner fans proves that they should stick to complaining about NFL officiating and throwing fish around, as they seem to know nothing about baseball.  Many are happy and think Nate can fill an immediate hole in the rotation.  We Tiger fans know that Nate's skills at this point are pretty much limited to wasting payroll and chewing bubble gum.

With Florida and Philadelphia last year, Robertson went a combined 6-8 with a 5.95 ERA, 1.549 WHIP, an ERA+ of 71, and 63 strikeouts in 101.1 innings.  It's amazing...if you're left-handed, people will keep giving you chances, no matter how terrible you are.

All joking aside, I wish the Patron Saint of DNR well.  He's a very nice man.  Just a very below average pitcher.  Say hi to Luke French for me, Nate.