What Should Jim Leyland Do?

What should I do?
Admit that I constantly make mistakes?

Remind you I’ve somehow done this before?
What should I do?

Tell you how much fun we had?
Learn to make a lineup that makes sense?
What should I do?
What should I do?

Have my lungs removed?

Should I just go away?
Should I tell you I’m an overrated manager?
Hi, Dusty Baker.

Seriously, what should I do?
Actually learn from my past mistakes?
Admit that I’ve help waste Mr. I’s money?
Should I be the manager that you want me to be?

Accept my role as a villain to umpires?
Maybe I should just finally retire.

Should I stop listening to my idiot coaches?
Should I try acting?

Did ya hear, Pop? We re-signed Inge for another few years!

Oh no…this is the big one!

Should I stop trying to kill Verlander’s arm?
Or just read you a soulful poem:
My decisions seem
That they’ve been made with a bong
Okay I admit
In ’09 I left Rodney in too long.

Should we clear the roster and start over?
What should I do?

Should I be the manager you want me to be?

Just win next year, Jim.