Feel good story / King Michael of the U.K....

Hi folks,

There isn't much need for words in the pictures, so just have a look!

After a woman's dog fell into the water - she was soooo upset and didn't know what to do ... A German tourist jumped in and saved the dog - upon getting back up on the bridge he checked the dog out and told the owner that " Zer dog is OK and vill be fine" She asked if he was a vet? and he replied,

"Vet ?? he said - I'm totally soaked! "

I feel like I should be saying "Boom! Boom!" like it's a joke, only it's not.... So instead I'll say ' Good on yer' to the bloke !

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I watched a programme on TV this morning (Discovery Channel) which really was a bit of an eye-opener, it appears after a lot of researching that our royal family are actually ' not the Royal family ' . The person who should be King according to further investigations carried out through the paperwork and the family tree is called Michael Hastings ( he was brought up to be the 14th Earl of Loudoun ) and is a resident in Australia.

It is apparently true - is he interested in the possibility of him being King of the UK ?? Is he heck as like ! He is a confirmed Republican, is a very fun loving happy family man and is quite happy to continue being Mr. Michael Hastings living in Jerilderee (or summat like that) . I know this news sounds a load of tosh but the theory goes that King Edward IV of England was in fact illegitimate, so the line of succession should have gone through to the Abney-Hastings family.

Michael Hastings was born and educated in England and was quite posh, going to private schools etc... As a young man in the 60's he went out to Oz and he liked it so much that he ended up staying, since then he has lived there very happily, married - his wife died a few years ago but he has a close relationship with his children and grandchildren. Amazing isn't it ??

The TV Channel 4 in UK aired a documentary called Britain's real monarch ... some time ago, I heard of it on the Discovery Channel today. So, folks it seems that the line of succession should be followed and the Queen should be dethroned hehehe... I for one would be delighted for ' Her Majesty' to continue the sterling job she has done thus far, but I am along with countless others not a great fan of Prince Charles....

I wonder if Mr. Hastings, since he isn't interested at all in becoming King, could do something about the succession and ensure that the crown jumps straight to one of Diana's boys Prince William or even Prince Harry. Do you think it would be possible ? I'm sure Princess Diana will be seeing the funny side to hear all this news about the illegality of the Royal House of Windsor after all she went through...

Who'd have thunk it eh ??? In addition ...... Queen Elizabeth is of German extraction and her husband Prince Philip is Greek- so strictly speaking it would only be right that Michael Hastings (who is English and has English forebears) and has an Aussie family should be the present head of the royal family ... don't you think ?

Or, what do you think ???

Cheers from the land of the Tartan, Love Kate xxx.