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Hi Folks,

Vancouver's Capilano Bridge Move, North end of Lions Gate Bridge - Time Lapse.. They just moved it over to make a new bridge on the site. It's amazing to watch them move it OVERNIGHT! Of course they had the new bed for the old bridge made in the last few months but to move it like this is incredible - and I would love to get the name of the crew concerned...... 'cos I have a house that is all but 'falling down' and I am dog tired - trying to hold it up !!

So ‘Pathetically’ True …

- arrghhh !

Are you aware of the following? The British Government provides the following.

Pension Benefits received by the average 'British Old Age' pensioner ...

Weekly Pension Allowance £100.
Spouse (wife) Allowance £52. Additional weekly hardship allowance - NIL...

Weekly Pension Allowance £250. Spouse Allowance £225. Additional Hardship Allowance £100?

I hope you have read the foregoing and that you will forward it to all your contacts so that we can lobby for a decent old aged pension. After all, the average pensioner has paid taxes and contributed to the growth of this country for the last 40 to 60 years. Sad isn't it?

According to information given out by our parliament we are "broke" and can't help our own Senior citizens, Troops or Homeless. In the last month we have provided aid to Haiti , Chile , Turkey , Greece , Pakistan .

pensioners are living on a 'fixed income' and the vast majority receive no extra aid or get any breaks while our Government and religious organizations pour hundreds of millions of pounds and tons of food to foreign countries .

The only good point I can see as far as old folk getting aid is that some after a lot of form filling and contact with 'Home Services' can have the facility of a 'homehelp' . Now years ago this meant that the 'help' would do any shopping, give the inside of the house a quick going over (not as a cleaner, but just a tidy up). Oh, and make sure that the old person had something to eat (meaning a cuppa and a sandwich) and to just check that she/he was taking their medication. Surely THAT isn't too much to ask ???

When my pal Moira was still at home, a few weeks before she died - the homehelps called in, checked and entered into their paperwork the time they had arrived, they stayed for 10 minutes, talked to Moira then left ... That was the sum total of their visits...

They aren't allowed to make dinner or aught - the reason given ? well they might have an accident peeling the potatoes or cooking on the stove .. Amazing! isn't it? It's a good job that she had family and friends.

Please God, if I ever get to the stage of having a homehelp take me quickly - I would HATE to be at 'their' beck and call !

Great Britain is at present a country where we have homeless without shelter. I know it sounds incredible in this day and age but there are children and adults going to bed hungry here and unbelieveably, elderly going without their 'needed' medication because they can't afford to pay the prescription charges for their medicine. Yet they are requesting donations for the people of Pakistan and other countries - It doesn't make sense...

I do understand that the people in Pakistan are in dire need and have no doubts that 'they' deserve to be helped, there are plenty of tins in all the shops into which people put money and also shops where you can deposit clothing to help the Pakistan people. There are however other countries who get food, goods and monetary help given to them which the leaders of these countries then use to blackmail their citizens.

We are a 'giving' country to needy folk ... But we don't like to put up with some who 'take the piss' . Surely there is some middle way to help the needy in other countries, but make sure that our own citizens are taken care of as well.

Peace and Love, Kate xxx.