Blethers and worthy complaints...

Judge Judy to prostitute - "So when did you realize you had been raped? " "Prostitute wiping away tears - "When the cheque bounced" ......

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Hi there folks,

The older I get the quicker the years are passing, it seems like it's no sooner summer till it's coming into winter and then sure as God made little apples it's the following summer. It hardly seems any time since Rob and I were getting organized for our last jaunt down to the land of the 'auld enemy' (in England). Now here we are again packing up to head south for another wee jaunt there. The weather of course, has turned colder and so I'm packing our well worn case for a few days so that all weather eventualities are covered (sun, rain, storms and snow) .

Changing the subject but still complaining ...

I had been trying to reduce our monthly expenditure recently and in an effort to do so I contacted our broadband provider, having seen several adverts showing interesting and cheaper packages for broadband I wondered if we could avail ourselves of one which was not as expensive . I wasted a total of 4 days firstly being given incorrect information on the telephone, my account had been on the first phone call changed to a 'broadband light user' the assistant who was checking my account advised me that I could easily change to this rate as I was well within the bounds of the light user rate.... The following day I received an email from the provider saying that I had gone over on my broadband allowance. Then when I tried via the telephone to cancel the ' light user rate' I was told that I would be required to pay a higher rate and have to accept that this higher rate would be for the next 12 months ... arrrggh!!

So not being able to visit them on Monday on Tuesday we set off to see them - it was a bit of a journey not just a trip down the road... We duly arrived at the offices of the broadband providers headquarters having only got lost a couple of times hehe.. (my navigating is getting worse).

Now, I would think that customer service dictates that customers who take the time and trouble to travel to head offices go there to speak to them because they can't get an amicable result through the normal email or telephone channels..... I found that the new procedure for customers arriving there is now to fill out a form and then return quietly to their homes while they await Customer Services telephone calls..... good huh?? I thought so too ! I was under the impression that companies would be interested enough in how their customers felt about them and would assist in calming troubled waters and sort out queries as they arose.

Not so, my pleas to actually speak to a 'person' (rather than a couple of receptionists who repeated the same message over and over were met with unhelpful comments ... I repeated my request a bit more forcefully and in a higher tone of voice. They kept repeating that it was not possible to speak to anyone .. which meant that after going to the bother of driving nearly forty miles to get there to 'speak' to a person we were required to write our enquiry down on a prepared form then go away home where someone would phone us in due course... This method was NOT going to assist 'ME' in any way and so they were told that I would 'NOT' leave until I had seen someone face to face.....

Result ? we were then told that they would be calling the police to which I replied that " that is fair enough, but we are not moving from this office until we speak to a representative person face to face. I had already wasted 4 days trying to get the required information and sort out the incorrect action made by a member of their staff ". We sat down and waited to see the police - Me? inwardly I was fizzing mad, and getting madder by the moment, though I certainly wasn't screaming like a banshee, and remained a 'lady' regardless of the provocation !!

After 10 or so minutes, two very personable ladies from Customer Services appeared at reception... I gather they travel in twos due to the folk visiting there having completely lost the 'rag' due to the incompetent way the company is now run . It took only a few moments to explain to these ladies the problems I had experienced in trying to find an amicable way of reducing my payments... Most of which had been further exascerbated by the wrong information given to me by the first staff member I had spoken to 4 days earlier. With a great deal of apologies offered to us, a subsequent phone call and then an email after we returned home the whole matter was resolved to everyone satisfaction... Result !!

Now, far be it for me to rub anyone's nose in it - but the whole enquiry could have been resolved if the original member of staff has answered my enquiry correctly 4 days ago ... it would have saved me the troublesome telephone calls, our meeting with robotic receptionists, petrol costs of travelling the 40 miles ...... Oh! and also the great discount we were then offered by them due to us being inconvenienced ..... A Definite result.

I was speaking to my sister in law today and she was relating the fact that the Income Tax offices work the same way i.e. a receptionist who hands out a form for visiting customers to complete and return home ...... even worse ' they' are told to await word from the Income Tax people in the following 3 weeks.... The last time she had visited the offices in Scotland, luckily not far from where she lives there was a gentleman there from the very north of Scotland, hundreds of miles away..... What did he do ?? why he turned round and went home to await the reply to his enquiry from the Income Tax folk . We the inhabitants of this country are paying their flippen wages for goodness sake. Even pensioners are paying a certain percentage of their pensions to them.

What in the hell is happening out there ?? Have we as citizens become so bullied and cowed that we now are to meekly agree with folk from whom power seems to emanate and that we chant ' yes sir, no sir' to them and do as we are asked .... or told ! as Rob and I were ? I figure that if you have done nothing wrong, in cases like these we should stand and speak up (not rant and rail like a nutter) but say it like it is and expect some respect . I have spent most of my life thus far being a little mouse and not wanting to rock the boat or cause any fuss, now? I would stand up to anyone .

OK moaning over hehe... does anyone else have problems like this?

Cheers from the land of the Tartan, Love Kate xxx.

Guess what - Yesterday I received an email with a request from my broadband provider ... it concerned my original contact with them, the one where all this trouble began...the conversation with the staff member giving me completely wrong information. The email asked me to fill out a form to let them know how I felt my request had been dealt with and was I happy with the service ??? I wonder if I should dare to answer it honestly?