Shock Tactics ???

Morning Folks,

I had been watching TV this morning and heard someone on the news speak about 'Wikileaks' do you know what this is ?? I certainly didn't until I watched the undernoted video on television.... I cannot understand the way these soldiers are talking about the people they are shooting at and who are being wounded and killed ..... for what ! Mention is made of them carrying arms - which is total nonsense ...... It is obvious that they were unarmed !! They seem so disinterested in the fact that they are really injuring and killing human beings... It sounds to me like they are talking about shooting and firing as though they are playing a ruddy arcade game ..... Are they without feelings for these people that they are firing at - bear in mind that they 'are' shooting at innocent unarmed people.... I found it difficult to believe what I was seeing ! What in the Hell are they thinking about ? Joking and laughing ....... while folk are dying ... My God !

Now, I do realise that they have to cope with dealing with some 'real sh*t' and baddies who would 'take them out' as quick as looking at them but Hell's Bells that doesn't mean that the soldiers here who are doing wrong should get away with what they have done...... and that we should just shut our eyes to any wrongdoing executed by our soldiers and allies. Let's face it that makes us as bad, if not worse than our enemies - does it not ??

I was under the impression that the soldiers were there to do a job of protecting the innocents ... not wounding and killing them . Are they so psychologically damaged by what they have seen that they cannot tell when it is wrong to use their weapons ? and if they are then how will they - after they return home become normal, sane individuals ???

I ask what do you think ... because I am totally confused/angry/and very worried !

Kate xxx.

p.s. By the way, I am not so daft as to think that incidents like this have only happened involving American troops - the probability is that they have been done by others... Which is an uncomfortable thought certainly....... but just to push this under the carpet as though these things have never happened is 'not' the way to deal with it !