A Couple of Days away and the wee Kircudbright centipede..

At the bus stop in Glasgow Bus Station waiting to board ...

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Hi There,

Louis and I went away for a couple of days to Dumfries (pronounced - dumfreess) on a family visit during the week and while there we went on a visit to Kirkcudbright ( pronounced - kirkcoobri) There was a family there catching crabs ...... As can be seen by the above photos Louis actually ' held ' a wee crab in his hands - which is really unbelieveable - as he HATES getting his hands dirty hehehe... (his Dad was the same). It's a good job I got a photo to prove it as his Mum would never have believed it. We had a great time during our break and it was good to have some time visiting my 'wee' sister to catch up with all the gossip.....

I found the following video on the 'net which shows Kirkcudbright and plays the song about the wee Kirkcudbright Centipede ...... Enjoy !

Cheers, Kate xxx.