Small Talk / and a Funny Video ...

Hi Folks,

I was doing my Doctor/Nurse act on Monday as Rob had to go to the dentist to have his remaining 6 lower teeth removed from his lower gum - that being said the dentist decided to only remove 4 ...... it's a ruddy good job I was there to take him home - the poor soul was 'out of it'. He had local injections for the process... he's never had an anaesthetic in his life and is terrified at the thought of one - so the process has to be done over several days by local injections.


It's now Wednesday and we go there again today - him to have another 4 removed via injections and then a couple of days later he will be stripped of his last 4 teeth...... and me to have root canal treatment done . So we will both look like 'walking wounded' today !

I think if I was Rob I would be inclined to have them all removed at the same time ( via general anaesthetic) ... His dentures could then be put in and that hopefully would be the end of the procedure ! Goodness knows how he will cope with a set of dentures - he has had a few 'plates' in the past, with a few teeth attached...... but he has the unfortunate habit of removing them whenever they annoyed him , so I doubt that he will persevere with full dentures ... arrrgghh!

Cheers from the land of the Tartan, Love, Kate xxx.