Perfect Game Fiasco Reactions

Much like Jim Leyland, the Tiger players, and many others, a day has passed and I’ve calmed down a bit from Jim Joyce’s blown call yesterday. Armando Galarraga has become an overnight sensation (enjoy your 15 minutes, kid) in the country and public opinion has given him a perfect game, even if Bud Selig will not. Jim Joyce has been put through hell and has repeatedly apologized. I really feel bad for the guy at this point.

And the way Armando, Leyland, and most of the Tiger fans handled the situation last night and today has made me even more proud to be a Tiger fan. Can you imagine what a New York or Philly crowd would have done today to poor Mr. Joyce?

Anyway, on with the ha ha’s. By now, you’ve probably read what everyone and their brother in the Tiger blogosphere has had to say on the subject. So, I thought I’d bring to you the opinions of some people you may not have heard from yet.

RANDOM BOSTON FAN: Who the fack is Armahndo Galarragahhh? Who fackan cay-ahs? Red Sawx Nation is sick and tay-ahhed of watchin’ this fackan faggat ovah and ovah on ESPN! If it’s nawt the Sawx or the fackan Yankees, no one gives a fack! No one denies this!

GLENN BECK: Jim Joyce was obviously under orders from President Obama to prevent the perfect game from happening. This is what I’ve been telling you people all along. You see…

RICHARD BERNSTEIN: Even I saw that he was clearly out.

THE HAMBURGLER: Armando got f-cked. Robble, robble.

TIM DONAGHY: Wow. Joyce has balls. Even I was never THAT obvious.

THE DUDE: I do mind, the Dude minds. This will not stand, you know, this aggression will not stand, man.


BRETT FAVRE: I think he was out. But maybe he was safe. No, he was out. Well, there’s a chance he was safe. But I’m almost 100% sure he was out.

GARY SHEFFIELD: PLEASE…someone give me a job! Sheff can still play, dammit! Please! Only $10 million a year sound cool? Call me!

GARY COLEMAN: (could not be reached for comment)

Okay, this was a bad idea…