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Hi Folks,

This is what we call in the land of the tartan a 'Pokeyhat' (photo thanks to 'lom' .

Just click ' Play ' sit back and enjoy !
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This was sent to me by my brother in law in an email and I couldn't resist passing it onwards, I think it's an absolutely amazing piece of work. Oh, I soooo wish computers and computing had been invented and had been as freely available when I was young. You see at that time I started work computers took up ' rooms ' - now they sit on a small desk........ As for the wee video animation - it is the work of genius as far as I'm concerned, my doh! like brain meant that in order to just pass on this work I had to spend about an hour trying to figure out how to post it on to my blog ... other folk are probably wondering what in the world I'm yakking about - but I just couldn't fathom how physically to ' post it here' ...... I know! I'm a total numpty where PC workings are concerned hehehe... but you see I was given a PC and I've just ' footered about ' with it ... no classes for me to learn computer science etc.

How I wish I didn't now have an ancient brain which finds it difficult to remember what happened yesterday, (or even 10 minutes ago come to that) and yet I can remember quite clearly what happened 30 odd years ago.... Hail to the young folk who learn and live in todays and tomorrow's world of PCs and the wonders that can be done with them !

The animation on this wee video made me laugh out loud - what an imagination ... Thanks and Cheers to you Mr. Becker, whoever and wherever you are, you made my week !

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Have a look at this second video which shows a gymnast with her two partners holding the Russian bar ... talk about hair-raising !!

Cheers from the land of the Tartan, Love Kate xxx.