Back Home ......

Hi Folks,

Well, we survived our sojourn into English territory and had a lovely, if quiet, holiday and I thoroughly enjoyed my double topped pokey hat ice cream - rum'n raisin and mint topped .. yummy ! I'll need to find another self-contained flat though, the beds in that one are well and truly knackered and Rob and I both returned to the land of the tartan with backache !!

This morning I had a reading fest checking out the forty or so e-mails sent by my brother in law while we had been gone - the first one I opened is shown below and for someone with a bad back it fairly made me sit up straight ...... talk about backache AWW OUCH !!

I'll try to catch up tomorrow - but in the meantime I'm enclosing 'Cheers' from the land of the tartan and Love, Kate xxx.