Dreams and Memories ...

Dreams and Memories .........

Hi There,

When I visited lom's site earlier I saw that she had related a dream she had had, this gave me a bit of a shake as it caused my memory to click in... Now I don't normally remember what I dream about but the one I had last week was special. In the dream was my sister Dorien, who died nearly a year ago and the morning after my dream I wakened with the certain feeling that I had just been visiting her (or she had visited me). The dream didn't bother me in fact I felt comforted by it, Dorien had actually seemed really relaxed and happy in the dream. This is where some folk will now be convinced that I am doolally but Hey ...... too bad, it's the truth !

Now before Dorien died our sister in law 'P' took Dorien's dog to live with her and our brother as Dorien could no longer cope with her pet due to all the treatments and hospital visits she had to attend but she knew that her dog would be happy in her new home as they are doggy folk too and the dog did soon settle down with my Brother and Sister in law and their dogs.

In the dream Dorien and I were wandering around a seaside place and with us was a dog (as I said Dorien loved dogs so this was not unusual) we walked around and Dorien was showing me around. As I said already the dream relaxed me and I felt more settled than I had since she had died. I had been thinking about the dream since and was wondering what, apart from settling my mind, the dream meant... That was last week!

A few days ago I had a telephone call unexpectedly and totally out of the blue from my other brother who told me that my sister in law who with my youngest brother was looking after Dorien's dog had died. My sister in law was someone who would do anything for anyone and she was one of life's MacGives and not a MacTake if you know what I mean and I know she will be missed dreadfully by everyone she came into contact with.

It was only this morning that I made any connection with the dream... Dorien and our sister in law were quite close and - I know I am possibly adding 2 and 3 and making 12 but as I said I don't normally remember my dreams as a rule and have now made the connection between Dorien and my poor sister in law - taking the dream as a kind of forewarning that something was about to happen but at the same time kind of letting me know that all would be OK......

I know that it's said that 'the good folk are taken early' and I do accept that our ' clan numbers' will need to be reduced as time passes - but could I please take this opportunity to put in a request to the 'Big Man' upstairs :

" Please God, try to put a hold on the numbers meantime - I know that you may have need of them up there but please .... may we have a wee bit more time together before their appointments with you are due. "

Cheers from the land of the Tartan, Love Kate xxx.