Designating Myself For Assignment

Kids, we need to talk. I'll attempt to be brief and not bore you here.

In the past week, my personal life has been turned upside down. I am going through several things at once and my time is going to be quite limited for a while. Because of that, I'm going to have to take a break from DesigNate Robertson while I get my personal affairs back in order. I'd like to look at this as not a "goodbye", just more of a "smell you later". (Simpsons reference, ha.)

But before I disappear, I would like to thank you, the reader, from the bottom of my black, little heart. I started this thing as a way to kill time, entertain myself, and make a few of my friends laugh. I never expected to make new friends, develop any kind of actual readership, or any of that stuff. But thanks a bunch for "getting" what I've been trying to do here, even if many folks (mostly Clete fans) still don't understand me or what I've been trying to do.

Special thanks to Ian, Blake, and JP. You guys rule and I wish you all continued luck. That goes for everyone in the Tiger blogosphere, as well. I'll still be checking in from time to time, so don't start sucking at this while I'm gone.

Most of all, thanks to Jen at Old English D. If everyone on Earth was as good of a person as she is, the world would be a much better place.

And real quick, for the two of you that actually care, let me finish the DNR 25 for you. When I get back, I'll probably do the full article treatment for these guys.

#7 Chet Lemon
#6 Cecil Fielder
#5 Mickey Tettleton
#4 Magglio Ordonez
#3 Kirk Gibson
#2 Alan Trammell
#1 Bobby Higginson

Shut up.

If anyone wishes to reach me for anything, my email address is Long story there...I don't really claim to be God. I hope to be back to making poop jokes about the Tigers around the All-Star break if all goes well. Until then, be good, take care of yourselves, and go Tigers! (Even you, Nate.)

I leave you paraphrasing the words of the great prophet, Frosty the Snowman:

I say goodbye
But don't you cry
I'll be back again someday.

Thanks again. Seeya.