Childhood Stories of Rob ...

Oor Wullie from the 'Sunday Post' Newspaper - This is how I picture Rob (full of mischief) in his childhood days ......

Hi Folks,

This morning I was treated to a couple of tall tales from my better half (Rob) I say tall tales but in actual fact these stories (according to Rob) are true - and to be honest I do believe they are. Rob is now in his mid-seventies and like most folk who are older he remembers things a lot clearer from 'way back when' than 'what happened yesterday' ... seriously, it's true!

But anyway...... He was telling me about what he and his pals did when he was about 10/11 years old, now if I had been his mother I would have been pulling out my hair in panic, but his mum too had of course been brought up in a totally different age (in the days before kids had to wear all sorts of headgear and padded leggings to comply with safety rules ) she took most of his and his brother's escapades as sort of normal - though she could, and did, a number of times according to Rob, give them an occasional wallop with anything she had handy, mind you - knowing Rob she would have had to - that's not to say that he would not have continued to do what 'he wanted to' regardless.

He lived on the east side of the city of Glasgow with his parents and most of the rest of his 8 brothers and sisters in a 2 bedroomed flat - it was nearby a railway bridge which was approximately 30 feet up from the ground and from the age of 10 he and his compatriots used to climb up to the underside of the railway bridge and then manage to manoevour their way along underneath the bridge .... having great fun swinging like monkeys .

As I said they would be 30 feet up and hanging upside down, traffic was flowing across the roads below them and they were climbing between the spaces, some as small as a couple of feet then eventually when they had managed that, they would climb upwards to daylight again to cadge lifts on a slowly passing train or maybe just rake through any treasure they found up at the top ... they could wander along the railway lines checking out where there were any pieces of black gold (coal) which they could then carry back home with them in sacks which they carried with them well ...... Scotland can be a really cold place at times and no doubt his mum would be appreciative of some free coal to put on the fire...

I could just picture him getting up to this and many more exploits he has told me about. Thinking about it I wonder how he and his many pals managed to survive to adulthood. It was definitely a different world back then and although there were a lot of kids who got up to devilment as Rob says most of them did survive.

Me? well...... I 'did' climb on the top of the dustbin houses at flats we used to live at when I was young and jump from the top of one dustbin house to the other - but that, apart from sailing on a piece of wood with my brother across a water pond in the grounds of the Cleansing Department land is the extent of my wildness...... I was too much of a coward you see !

Cheers from the land of the Tartan, Love Kate xxx.