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Let's just work at it and we'll be O.K. ... erm maybe ? let's face it, all these brainy guys are in charge of our finances, right ???

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I was reading Judy's blog today and she had been talking about buying goods which were made in the USA and was talking about China - I know this of course is the correct thing for each of us to do for our own countries - but I was checking out what was on the 'net about this subject and I know I'm possibly going to get shot down in flames here - but what the hell. It kind of complicates the issue a whean - but being at times a person who opens her mouth and let's her belly rumble let conversations commence ! I found the undernoted on the 'net - what do you think ?

It’s official: The United States financial crisis has reverberated around the world.
Wall Street’s supernova imploded into a black hole, swallowing up the national economy, then destabilizing most locations reachable by commercial jet. That is to say, everything, everywhere.

Nonetheless, some countries are faring better than others in this stage of the crisis. While Spaniards offer banks their house keys, Malaysians shrug. While Americans talk nonstop about the Second Great Depression, Dubai investors are enjoying one of the biggest real estate booms in the tiny United Arab Emirates’ history. Thailand sighs with relief at its sizable reserves, and Armenia finally thanks the heavens above for its obscurity.

There are ten countries suffering 80-100% less than the United States:

I was surprised to learn that China may not be dramatically affected by the United States financial crisis. As it turns out, the US relies far more heavily on China than she does on the US..

China owns roughly 19% of US treasuries; if needed, it plans to use its sizable budget surplus to snap up even more. In addition, the United States gobbles up the majority of Chinese-made goods, meaning a decrease in consumer demand here will make for a chilly Chinese export market.

However, China is not solely dependent on the United States for financial stability. A host of new trade agreements mean China has a number of potential suitors waiting for vast quantities of goods. Domestic demand is also on the up-and-up.

Finally, China’s financial system has been closed for many years, protecting it from shady assets. Though the country will feel the international slump, its banking system is probably safe. Its high domestic demand, huge pile of capital, and numerous other major trading partners will counter the effects of US contagion.

China would be hurt by a downturn in export demand from the United States and Europe - It may yet be seriously affected but the good news is that they can rely more on domestic demand from less-affected countries, such as Brazil.

They're also sitting on a mountain of cash, which they are using to help bail out the United States. The Chinese are not called ' inscrutable ' without reason...

The 10 countries suffering 80 to 100% less than the United States apart from China are - Brazil, Romania, Thailand, North Korea, Iran, Malaysia, Morocco, Armenia and the United Arab Emirates.

Now I hope that this lot of ' gobbledegook ' has helped folk understand. As far as I'm concerned it's just 'much much too complicated,' I'll just continue to buy UK fare or, if I get the chance 'Scottish' !

P.S. I daren't even check out where we in the UK are in all this money morass or mess, we are probably to be found down in the depths of 'shambles' !

P.P.S. The above information was found in the annals of 'The Business Pundit' on the Internet.

Cheers from the land of Tartan , but precious little of the green paper stuff.

Hugs, Kate xxx.