True face of Islam - Worrying video or blethers ?

Take a seat and have a coffee ... Though I think when you read the undernoted and watch the videos you will need probably not coffee, but a glass of something stronger!

Hi Folks,

I received in an email the undernoted video yesterday morning from my brother in law in Dumfries and to be honest it sent chills down my spine... I guess some people reading this might possibly think 'aye aye - bigotry/racism raises it's ugly head' ... But I am not of that particular persuasion so that is certainly not the case.

Have a look at the video below before you read the rest of these blethers.

As I watched the video I became more and more unsettled and uncomfortable, after which I felt myself panic ...... In this country (and I mean Scotland atm) there is an attitude among the majority that folk should be able to live with and among each other in peace - so a state of equilibrium exists. There are certainly a few nutcases (thankfully in the minority) who think that if others hold a different religion or faith or are of a different colour they don't belong here. They are wrong to do so but unfortunately you can't get an ounce of brains into a head which is full of broken biscuits ! So these people then set about being as nasty as possible... nutcases such as this exist here just as they do elsewhere - but in the main peace and live-let-live reign here.

The man in the video Shahid Malik came across to me anyway as someone who sounds as though he is speaking of his Muslim faith as being the one which will be THE only true faith, it worries me greatly knowing how much bloodshed has been and continues to be shed in the world in connection with faith and it sent chills down my spine as I watched him....

Mind you, he made the connection that there could be in just a few years what was it ? Yes 14 or so members out of 600 members of parliament in the next few years, which is a bit daft - then he made the enormous jump to having a Prime Minister of the Muslim faith ?? Now, I'm Scottish and we have been hundreds of years trying to get independence for our country - even having Scottish Prime Ministers didn't help hehehehe... But that aside, his speech was stirring for his compatriots I guess, but I very much doubt whether he has endeared himself or his faith to people of other faiths - as like as not he has probably put back the chance of his dearest wishes coming true by a long time.

God alone knows how long the fighting in other parts of the world will last and how many more young men will lose their lives.... I really despair of humankind to be able to live in peace with each other ... Is this young man just a mouthy peacock, like a grain of irritating sand in a shell which will eventually give forth a gorgeous pearl ? Or will his views encourage the others with broken biscuits in their heads to cause the continued disruption of the world...

What do you think ?

Sending Love from Scotland, Kate xxx.