The DNR 25: #9 Justin Verlander

Full Name
Justin Brooks Verlander

Old Dominion University

2004, 1st Round, 2nd Pick, Detroit Tigers

MLB Seasons

Tiger Seasons

Career Stats
65-43, 3.92 ERA, 840 IP, 746 K, 116 ERA+

Career Leaderboard
AL All Star (2007, 2009)
2006 AL Rookie of the Year
2007:  No Hitter (6/12/07)
2007:  5th in Cy Young Voting
2008:  1st in Losses (17)
2009:  1st in Strikeouts (269)
2009:  1st in Innings Pitched (240.0)
2009:  1st in Wins (19)
2009:  3rd in Cy Young voting

Best Tiger Season
2009 was disappointing for the Tigers in how their season ended, but for Justin Verlander, the season was a statement that he had arrived as a certified pitching ace.  He went 19-9 with an ERA of 3.45 and an ERA+ of 133.  He led the league in starts, innings, batters faced, wins, and strikeouts.  With Justin on the mound, you couldn’t help thinking that the Tigers were going to win that day.  Well, they’d win if they could score more than two runs…

Little Known Fact
Justin became the first Major League starter in 24 years to load the bases with nobody out in the ninth inning or later and get out of it without allowing a run when he pulled off the feat July 24, 2009.

Reason For Being On The List
I don’t love many things in life.  It’s just how I am.  I love my mom and my son.  I love “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”.  I love Bacardi rum.  For some reason, I think I’m in love with Lady Gaga.  And dammit, I love Justin Verlander.
He’s the best pitcher I’ve ever seen in a Tiger uniform.  From the evil stare he gives on the mound to the 98 mph+ heaters he throws, I just am in awe of the guy.  To this day, I’m amazed that he plays for Detroit, almost like it’s some sort of mistake.  I mean, the Tigers don’t get pitchers like this.  I’ve lived through pitching staffs with aces like Bill Gullickson, Mike Moore, and Mike Maroth.  But this guy?  Good gawd…
JV is the only pitcher in baseball history to toss a no-hitter, start a World Series game, be a Rookie of the Year and an All-Star in his first two full seasons.  If that doesn’t get you excited as a fan, you are either crazy or Lynn Henning.
I was overjoyed to see JV get his extension this offseason.  The impartial analyst side of me was trying to rationalize to myself that it was too many years or we could wait a bit longer.  But the Tiger fan inside of me was jumping up and down like a hyperactive six year old. 

What Happened To Him?
He is the ace of the Tigers pitching staff and looking to show in 2010 that he is truly one of the best pitchers in baseball.  With any luck this year, he will win his first Cy Young Award and be the World Series MVP.  Hey, it could happen…

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Pics via Google.