Your Party Host Hates Hall of Fame Voters

"You screwed Bert! You screwed Bert!"

That's a dumb reference that maybe one of you will understand. Anyhoo...

I hate the entire Baseball Hall of Fame voting procedure. A bunch of bitter, old, white guys sort through their personal biases, opinions, and qualifications of what they think a Hall of Famer is. There is no accountability. There is no reasoning needed. These men, who played for so long at the game they loved, have their chance at being among the baseball immortals decided by a bunch of fat, talentless hacks that make their livings in a dying profession. And these guys have to answer to no one for their decisions.

You know who they are. They're the fellows in fedoras who huff and puff when the letters "OPS", "VORP", or "WARP" are used. If you say the word "blog" around them, they practically froth at the mouth about "losers typing away in their mother's basement" before showing their press pass to get to the free buffet and ignore the game. They have most likely written an article about how "gritty", "hard-nosed", and "pesky" David Eckstein is while calling Alex Rodriguez a "cancer".

They decide who goes into the Hall of Fame. And it is wrong.

I like Andre Dawson. He was a hell of a player. I don't mind him being in the Hall. But he doesn't belong in there, in my opinion. If you tell the "Story of Baseball", nothing will be missed if you leave Andre Dawson out. Why does he get in now, all of the sudden? Why wasn't he worthy the past few years, but now, suddenly, he is? Same with Jim Rice last year. It's a joke.

And I think the same applies for Mark McGwire, Jack Morris, Barry Larkin, Tim Raines, and Edgar Martinez. Great players. I'm not going to raise a fuss if they ever get in. But they don't belong in there. And sorry, my friends...neither does Alan Trammell. Average from '77-'82, good in '83 and '84, bad in '85, good in '86, awesome in '87, good in '88, terrible in '89, good in '90, average in '91 and '92, good in '93, done from '94-'96. I idolized the man, but I think that's the problem...all Tiger fans did. He was the best that we had. But he wasn't one of the best that baseball has had.

Back to my issues with the voters, if I may. It's terrible that Bert Blyleven and Robbie Alomar didn't make it in. Blyleven has been being tortured by these pricks for years. His stats are unbelievable...he just played on terrible teams. And Alomar is the best second baseman baseball has seen since Joe Morgan. Offense, defense, speed, smarts, championships, etc. He was a beast that any team would have traded their second sacker for. But, he spit on an umpire once. So, they screw him over.

All I ask for is some accountability, because nothing else about this will ever change. The Hall has their own rules and they seem happy with it. It won't change, no matter how much Pete Rose and I wish it would. But, make these guys and their votes public, at least. Jack Morris has said most voters he has met have claimed they voted for him, though it is impossible once he did the math. I want to know which 7 guys voted for Robin Ventura. Which 2 voted for Ellis Burks? Which 2 voted for Eric Karros? Who were the guys that gave a vote to Kevin Appier, Pat Hentgen, and David Segui? These voters should be stripped of their voting rights and beaten to death with a tire iron while their families watch.

If they don't have to take it serious, why should I?

The "legit" sports media complains about bloggers not having to be accountable for anything. Fair enough. But shouldn't the "legit" media in charge of Hall of Fame voting be held accountable for their Hall voting? Frick and yes, I say.

I would really would like to hear it explained to me by them why Roberto Alomar, the best second baseman I have ever seen, is not a Hall of Famer...while Andre Dawson is. Please?

Anyway, congrats to you, Hawk. I guess.