A Waste of a sunny day !

Hi Folks,

The following is part of the problems an aged menopausal woman can experience these days without even trying ...... I will start from a period in the not too far past ...

My late and much missed sister Dorien who died last May had cataracts which the optician had diagnosed some time ago, in actual fact it took six years for them to ripen to the stage where the hospital could operate and remove the cataracts. So, for the last 4 months of her life she did not need glasses ... Amazing - since she, like me had worn glasses for nearly forty years.

I attended the optician for my usual eye test 7 months ago and when they tested my eyesight they discovered that I too had cataracts ... The opticians had a special offer on in the store at that time whereby customers could get 2 pairs of glasses for the same price as for 1 pair. So I paid out the £180 approx for modern and kind of 'with it' glasses... I thought I was really 'cool' with my modern style of titanium spectacles and a pair of modern square lensed plastic framed ones - GREAT !

That was seven months ago, for the last few weeks I had been experiencing problems when I was reading the newspaper - I would raise the paper nearer and then further from my eyes and I was beginning to think that the printers had altered the size of the newspaper print. It got to the stage where I was also using a magnifying glass to read parts of the paper.... another thing was that I no longer could be bothered to read in bed as I kept having to raise and lower the book.... and when out in the car at night I couldn't bear the brightness of the oncoming car lights - you get the picture ??

I telephoned the optician the other day and queried with them the fact that I was having problems with my eyesight. The optician said to make an appointment for another test. I went for the test yesterday and was blown away when she told me that my eyesight had significantly altered and I would need a different prescription for new lenses. Since I had only the glasses I was wearing with me and the other pair were at home I was told to bring them in and it would only take an hour or two for them to redo my lenses and refit them and that would be that !

Today I called with the glasses prepared to leave them to be changed only to be told that it would be cheaper if I bought two new pairs of glasses - frames as well as lenses ! The assistant priced the new glasses and came up with the grand total of over two hundred pounds for a pair of glasses made up in the new prescription. Bearing in mind that it had only been 7 months since I had got these glasses, I nearly had a flippen heart attack and then I questioned the price......

My next step was to ask to speak to the manager of the store - having recovered my composure I tried to be very reasonable when I eventually got to see her and we again went over the figures ...... She confirmed what the assistant had told me and could do nothing but apologise ...... a lot of good that was of course !

I had been a customer of this large company of opticians for over twenty years but tomorrow I will do the rounds of other opticians to check out what I can see any elsewhere. You would think that customer loyalty would count for something in this time of recession when so many companies are going to the wall - but apparently not - Arrrgghhhhh !!!

OK Folks, moaning blethers over for another wee while - how long ??? Heaven only knows!
Keep your fingers crossed that I come across a pleasant and helpful firm of Opticians in the morning ......

Cheers from the land of the Tartan, Love Kate xxx.