Notes & Thanks!

[Joseph Pintauro via Snail and Cyclops]

It seems morning posts happen a bit more organically this week -- interesting and out of character.

I'm at the beginning of another new term, reading my way through Kant's Critique of Pure Reason (and many, many secondary sources), reading a lot of contemporary philosophy on action and causation, teaching for the fifth term in a row, and assisting with some research on early modern discussions of regret by French and English contemporaries of Descartes. It's a busy term, but I'm already looking ahead. I moved to Vancouver to do this degree after a lot of tumult and decision -- mostly to pursue some of the few things I take to be real, important and invigorating -- teaching especially. And it has flown by.

I'll be finished my coursework in May, writing in the summer, and applying for PhDs (again) in the Fall. I'm hoping that a relaxation of coursework demands will allow me to read in a sprawling way again, and maybe increase my writing here. It's really incredible how little time I have to read outside of classes, much less work up enthusiasm to write about those readings.

But I wanted to say thank you to the group of people who continue to read my thoughts, as well as those who comment and send emails despite my being the absolute worse correspondent to ever run a blog. I read your emails and they brighten my day and keep me motivated to make some more space for writing here.