Down Memory Lane / Norway and Scotland Videos.

Some incredible Aurora Borealis photos ...

Hi Folks,

Ohhh lord...... that last photograph looks cold doesn't it ?? Almost as cold as it looks outside our bedroom window today, how can something look so beautiful and yet be so awfully cold huh ? This is the weather I love and yet dread because I'm absolutely petrified of falling - due to the fact that I have osteoporosis and if I did fall I could really do some damage to my back. Oh... ta hang, enough of the moaning, like a lot of folk I love how the world looks in winter - all sparkling and clean.

I have so many memories of seeing how the world looked cold years ago in Norway, we spent a year there and I remember how it all looked so white and bright ...... I never did get used though to seeing reindeer in the fields across the road from where we stayed at that time - I felt like a youngster looking out of our deck windows - it was as though Santa's grotto had come to life ...

The weird and incredible thing too about being there for me was that although it was cold (and believe me it 'was' according to the thermometer) it never seemed to be as cold as Scotland gets in the winter - mainly because it's a different 'kind' of cold ...... it's a 'dry' cold, not the 'damp' cold which gets inside your bones and makes you feel miserable. I remember being on the telephone to my Mum during one period where Scotland had had a heavy fall of snow and it was really cold there , she had been complaining about how cold it had been and that the temperature had got down to zero there.

I was then telling her about being out shopping and how the temperature in Stavanger was minus 16 - of course they are used to the vagaries of heavy snow falls and people have had to adapt and cope with bad weather, studded tyres being one of them - It's funny how quickly you got used to driving in bad weather, because you knew you had to. If you didn't or couldn't you would be housebound completely. In Scotland when we have snow or ice I must admit that I don't even attempt to drive in it... We of course don't have to face months of snow and ice which makes one hell of a difference.

Norway is certainly a very beautiful country and in many ways scenically a lot like Scotland...... it's nearly ( though not quite) as beautiful as Scotland. Unfortunately I was going through a lot at that time as my first marriage of 20 years had hit the rocks - so personally I had a lot to cope with then but I'm grateful that I had the experience of living there for a while and I made some good friends there who helped me cope . If Rob and I did the football pools or the lottery and won pots of money I know where I'd ' love' to visit for a winter holiday. Folk can talk and swagger about holidaying in the South of France etc but give me Norway in the winter anytime.

In order to holiday there I would 'need' to have won the lottery though 'cos it's flippen expensive for everything. I remember the shock of finding out that it cost £1 to buy a loaf of bread or a tin of beans and I went on to roll-up cigarettes (I smoked then) a packet of cigarettes cost £9 and if my memory isn't playing tricks it cost £7 for a frozen supermarket pizza ... and that was in 1986 - I'll not tell you what it cost for a drink of orange in a hotel or aught.

Oh well you can't have everything ...... Talk about taking a trip down memory lane ermmm... that reminds me, better get my skates on and go defrost the car I've shopping to get .
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I found this on the 'net - Enjoy !

This next one is Scotland - Enjoy !

Cheers for now from Scotland the frosty, Love Kate xxx.