Who's Pitching? Good Sign or Bad Sign?

Last night, I was out having a few drinks with friends, and at one point when I wasn't saying rude things to loudmouth Yankee fans, I was talking to a guy about the Tigers season. He made a remark about whenever Justin Verlander was pitching, he was sure that we were going to have a good chance at winning.

Now, that's not exactly a bold statement, especially with the year that JV put together. But it got me to thinking...is it true? Could I turn on a game in progress and make a conclusion about the outcome based on who is pitching? Probably not, but I have nothing better to do with my time today.

Here's a look at the record of the Tigers this year in games when each pitcher took the mound.

Justin Verlander: 23-12
Edwin Jackson: 17-16
Rick Porcello: 18-13
Armando Galarraga: 10-19
Nate Robertson: 8-20
Dontrelle Willis: 2-5
Eddie Bonine: 5-5
Jarrod Washburn: 4-4
Luke French: 4-3
Alfredo Figaro: 2-3
Chris Lambert: 0-2
Zach Miner: 25-26
Brandon Lyon: 37-28
Fernando Rodney: 61-12
Bobby Seay: 51-16
Fu-Te Ni: 11-25
Ryan Perry: 22-31
Casey Fien: 1-8
Clay Rapada: 0-3
Joel Zumaya: 20-9
Freddy Dolsi: 1-5
Jeremy Bonderman: 3-5
Juan Rincon: 2-5

I admit, this doesn't tell us a whole lot. The closer is going to appear in mostly winning games (unless he's Brad Lidge). Edwin Jackson didn't get a lot of run support. And Zumaya really pitched in 20 winnings games?

It does, however, help to explain why I want to jab a red hot poker into my eyes every time Nate takes the mound.