Tiger Dorks Unite

Kudos to Kurt from Mack Avenue Tigers on getting 20+ of us to take time away from our mother's basement to reunite the Detroit Independent Baseball Scribes (DIBS). With so many Tigers blogs out there now, it seemed like a good idea to get us all together on a project.

What's the point of DIBS? Just another voice, I guess. It's an opportunity to hear from the nontraditional media on subjects. And Kurt put out four catagories for us to vote on. We each wrote our votes down on paper, sealed them in manila envelopes, and drove them to the parking garage of a seedy hotel in the greater Detroit area where a midget named "Screwball" was kind enough to collect them from us. Nice fellow, that Screwball. He thought Jen Cosey was cute. Anyhoo, the catagories and winners?

Tiger Hitter of the Year: Miguel Cabrera
Tiger Pitcher of the Year: Justin Verlander
Breakout Player of the Year: Rick Porcello
Most Improved Player: Justin Verlander

No surprises there, methinks. Those were the guys that my first place votes went to.

Your DIBS contributers...

Bless You Boys -- Ian Casselberry
Daily Fungo -- Mike McClary
DesigNate Robertson -- Your Party Host
Detroit4Lyfe -- Bob Biscigliano
Detroit Tigers Den -- Austin Drake
Detroit Tigers Weblog -- Bill Ferris
Eye of the Tigers -- J. Ellet Lambie
Fire Jim Leyland -- Mike Rogers
It's Just Sports -- Patrick Hayes
Jamie Samuelsen's Blog (Freep.com) -- Jamie Samuelsen
Mack Avenue Tigers -- Kurt Mensching
The Cutoff Man (MLive.com) -- James Schmehl and Scott Warheit
Old English D -- Jennifer Cosey
Roar of the Tigers -- Samara Pearlstein
Spot Starters -- Blake VandeBunte
Take 75 North -- Matt Wallace
Tigers Amateur Analysis -- Erin Saelzler
Tigerblog -- Brian Borawski
Tiger Geist -- John Brunn
Tiger Tales -- Lee Panas
Tiger Tracks -- John Parent
Where Have You Gone, Johnny Grubb? -- Greg Eno

Yikes. Does this mean I'm not allowed to make fun of Jamie Samuelsen anymore when I'm having a bad day?