Game 163: Running The Emotional Gauntlet

So, I don't know if you've heard, but there was a baseball game last night between the Tigers and Twins. It was quite the affair and had more twists and turns than could have been imagined inside of one baseball game. But in the end, the game reflected the season perfectly. The Tigers took an early lead, the Twins hung around, mistakes were made, and in the end...the Twins were just a bit better.

I watched the game with 200 or so screaming Tigers fans at the local Buffalo Wild Wings near my house. I went though many stages throughout the game that I'd like to share with you.


"There is no way he's going to yank Porcello already!"
"There is NO WAY Zach Minor is coming into this game, is he?"
"Did another Tiger outfielder try a sliding catch?"
"Rodney is coming out for ANOTHER inning?"


"Why the f-ck is Laird hitting? Put Thames up there, dammit!"
"RABURN! You son of a..."
"Randy Marsh needs to be drawn, quartered, hanged, stabbed, and then shot!"
"Kubel! Fat son of a..."


"Cabrera! Drink THAT, Minnesota!"
"MAGGS! Best clutch guy EVER!"
"RABURN! Hellova throw!"
"Inge! Holy hell, what a catch!"


"We suck."
"I hate baseball."
"Bartender...keep 'em coming."
Me to the only Twins fan I saw: "Run."


"Oh well. There's always next year."
"The Twins are a hellova club. Congrats."
"We weren't supposed to be here anyway."

So, that's that for the 2009 season. To be honest, I could care less about the rest of the playoffs. But I've got plenty of stuff lined up for the 'ol blog here to keep me busy until pitchers and catchers report in February. First, a few thank yous for the '09 season.

Thank you, Magglio Ordonez, for keeping your head up throughout a rough year, both personally and professionally. You're still my Tiger.

Thank you, Miguel Cabrera, for continuing to show why you are a potential MVP candidate for years to come with your usual .300, 30, 100 season. Now, stay off the sauce.

Thank you, Justin Verlander, for having one of the best comeback seasons ever after the disasterous '08 season. You are a beast and I'm in awe of you.

Thank you, Rick Porcello, for showing more maturity and poise at the age of 20 than I've ever seen in such a young player. Great job yesterday and all year.

Thank you, Curtis Granderson, for continuing to be one of the classiest players in baseball and someone that all kids can look up to. Just start hitting more line drives again, okay?

And Placido Polanco...THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! We may have witnessed Polly's last game as a Tiger last night. I never thought I'd see a second baseman better than Lou Whitaker in a Tigers uniform, but Polly came pretty damn close the last few years. Mr. Potato Head, I hope we can work out something for next year, but if not, good luck wherever you go. Unless it's Minnesota or Chicago. In that case, I hope your melon of a head explodes.

Finally, thank you to the Tiger blogosphere and everyone that checks in on my stupid little poop joke page here. It's been a fun year and I've made a few good friends out of the deal. Thanks for reading.