Blackpool Blethers/ Amazing Artwork / Sage Sayings and a Video.

Well folks, we managed to survive the visit down to the land of the Auld Enemy and all in all we had a quiet few days holiday I thoroughly enjoyed visiting all the markets - I just love having a wander checking out the treasures in the antique stalls etc. Rob ?? well he just drove me to and from the places I wanted to go to - Did I ever say what a fantastic man I was married to ?? Probably not... but I am hereby reminding myself ! My hero drove me here, there and everywhere and gave me the freedom to pick and choose what I could spend my spare cash on .... It's not that I don't drive it's just that I just sit back like Lady Muck and relax and Rob takes the lead - well I've got to let him think that he's the boss sometimes hehe.

Oh and another thing .... to any males reading this, I hope you are listening, now this might seem a tad old fashioned but bear with me, ( I was brought up in the days when you called your mother in law Mrs and not by her first name - so therefore I am totally out of date ) there is nothing a man can do for his lady that is more appreciated (be that wife, partner, girlfriend or bidie in**) than to allow her and encourage her with the freedom to spend some money wherever she wishes and for whatever she wishes! I bought a couple of baubles for my jewellery box (es). My passions are jewellery and art you see and I can't pass by 'stalls or shops' which sell these things. I do even enjoy spending time if not cash on things like this.

The hotel come flats establishment we stayed at in Blackpool was one of these self contained places where we had the freedom to come and go when we wanted and we were not held to mealtimes etc. The main problem was this was that the only flat available in our usual connection in Blackpool was one which was four flights of stairs from the ground (no lifts ... argghh!). This had the effect of us getting out in the morning and being out all day which meant that by the time we were ready to return homewards we were knackered and fit only to have something to eat and settle down for some television and then bed. There was no way on earth that we would go outside once more and have to again face climbing the Everest / Eiger - well, that's what it felt like ......

Talking about bed - that's another story .... have you ever tried to fit two people over 5 foot 6 inches into a 4 foot wide ' fold down' bed which has a ruddy chasm of a hole in the middle of the 'so-called' mattress. This is especially difficult when one (me) is of a 'heavier' weight ahem.... The bed in the bedroom was the same size leaving a 6 inch passageway up one side of the bed and nil inches on the other side as it was bang up against the wall, but the room was so freezing in any case that we couldn't face entering it at bedtime. Ah the joys of a holiday in a block of holiday flatlets in Blackpool .....

Still, we got to go away for a while and 'smell' the ozone and one day we went to buy our 'pokey hat' cones - we never got photos though because I didn't have my camera and there was no way we were going to return to climb Everest / Eiger twice in one day..

So peoples - that's a short synopsis of our travails to England - am I looking forward to going back there next year ??? Damn tooting I am, we have already booked a week in April next year after a family wedding (my younger sister's son is getting married). Am I daft ? NO! You see this time we thought ahead and are going to one of their flats on the 'first floor' which has a bed which doesn't sink in the middle.... Roll on April 2010.

A work of art...

Can you imagine the amount of time it took to figure out the planting order, and then the actual backbreaking work to create these works of art ?? Stunning crop art has sprung across rice fields in Japan, but this is no alien creation, the designs have been cleverly planted. The displays have been made using no ink or dye . Instead different colours of rice plants have been precisely and strategically arranged and grown in the paddy fields.. As summer progresses the plants shoot up and the detailed artwork begins to emerge. The tradition began in 1993 in Inakadate 600 miles north of Tokyo.
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Here are a few sensible and true quips taken from my favourite Joke of the week blog.

By John W
Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in his shoes ... that way, when you do criticize him, they’ll be a mile away and barefoot!

By Willie T
A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.


To forgive is to set a prisoner free; and you will discover the prisoner was you...

By Barbara from Springfield, MO

My life philosophy is: Always have an alternative so that you will never be disappointed.

By Glenn G
You don't know what you have until you lose it.

By Lisa H
Grandma always told me: "The squeaky hinge gets the oil, so get out there and start squeaking!"

"Beauty isn't easy or painless; just better than the alternative."

"Any job worth doing is worth doing well."

"Who lied and told you life was fair? This is Earth, not Heaven!"

Cheers from the land of the Tartan, Love Kate xxx.
This last item is a video which had been sent by my BIL in Dumfries and it fair tickled my fancy as it were - have a decco and enjoy ......

** The 'bidie in' is a Scots term for 'the other half' in your household - usually the wee wummin.
Cheers peers...