Tell Me When It's Okay To Look Again

This isn't going to be easy. After a three game sweep over the IndiAAAns, the Tigers came back to earth by losing 2-0 to the White Sux today. 2-0. Really?

Poor Eddie Bonine. Bonine, quite possibly the worst starting pitcher we could have thrown out there today, pitched the MLB game of his life. He went 6.2 innings. He allowed only 2 hits and 2 unearned runs. An Inge error and a homerun by Chicago's Matt Wieters, Gordon Beckham, were the Sux's only runs. They would get no more hits in the game.

Let me say this again. The Sux beat us despite only getting 2 hits.

Eff yew, Jake Peavy.

And the Minnesota Twins continued to be the most annoying twins this side of the Olson girls, the Bush twins, and those rat bastard '87 Twins, by beating the hapless Royals once again. Tomorrow doesn't look good, either, as the Twinkies have Scott Baker going against border line MLB pitcher Lenny DiNardo of the Royals. Rogo's line: Twins by 20.

We've got two more left in Chicago this weekend. Sunday, we face a rookie named Daniel Hudson, who lost to the Twinkies in his debut, going 5 IP allowing 4 hits, 4 walks, struck out 4, and allowed 3 runs, 1 earned. He also threw 98 pitches in those 5 innings, so hopefully we can be a bit patient with the kid. My guess? He shuts us out for 7 innings, striking out 8. (Inge, 3 times.)

Tomorrow, a more familiar opponent. Freddy Garcia. Remember him? The guy that used us to audition for the rest of the league at the end of last season? Maybe that's not fair, but tomorrow, we need to beat up on him like a Steelers fan on his wife after a loss to the Bears. Here's how our guys have done against Freddy in the past.

Curtis Granderson: 24 AB, .167, 0, 0
Placido Polanco: 20 AB, .150, 0, 0
Magglio Ordonez: 40 AB, .275, 0, 3
Miguel Cabrera: 1-5, solo HR
Aubrey Huff: 21 AB, .429, 2, 4
Carlos Guillen: 27 AB, .259, 1, 3
Brandon Inge: 39 AB, .231, 2, 2
Gerald Larid: 0-5
Adam Everett: 0-4
Ryan Raburn: 0-4, 4 K's
Marcus Thames: 1-3, solo HR

That's it. No one else has faced Garcia, that I could find. Yikes. I had better start drinking early, from the looks of those non-Huff numbers. My answer: call my hero, Bobby Higginson. Limetime, he hit Garcia to a tune of .366 with 5 homers and 12 RBI's in 41 at bats. Not like he has anything better going on. Screw his limo business.

Facing Garcia for the Tigers?

Yes, Our Hero is once again faced with the task of winning a must-win game. Be the ball, Nate. Be the ball.